"If you can inspire people and give them hope, then you've done something worthwhile."


Charismatic Carolina girl, Ashley Bratcher is most well known for her breakout role as Grace Anderson in the award winning romantic drama, Princess Cut.  Ashley was born and raised in a small southern town in eastern North Carolina and began her acting career on the stage at the age of 16.  She later attended Campbell University, where she graduated cum laude and then worked briefly as a middle school teacher before finding success as a working actress.  Her roles in 90 Minutes in Heaven , War Room, and Badge of Faith have garnered her recognition as a name talent in uplifting and redemptive films.

Ashley is known for her portrayal of warm, compassionate characters and has been praised by directors for her powerful range of emotions, ability to easily take direction, and nail a shot on the first take.


"It's a treat to have an actor as a collaborator who knows the script front to back, comes in dialed in and prepared daily, engages moment-to-moment and has trained herself to be free and open to go deeper into character and explore nuance in every take, in often unforgiving on-set circumstances.  Time after time, when the clock was ticking and we were chasing closeups that needed to be perfect, Ashley was our go-to actor, a "last-in-the-rotation" power hitter we could lean on to "bring it home" in every scene. If courage is "grace under pressure", A Walk With Grace is a showcase of Ashley Bratcher bringing the character Grace to life without showing there was any pressure at all... " - Nick Kellis, Director A Walk With Grace

"Rising Carolina talent and lead Ashley Bratcher is really one to watch. As a versatile method actor, she dove into the role of Grace with extraordinary fervor.  I was impressed and grateful that she always came super prepared.  Not only did she take direction extremely well but her timely input on scenes or wording of dialogue beautifully enhanced the final product." - Paul Munger, Director Princess Cut

"Vivian Oswald has a pivotal role in Mitosis. When we started this casting process I knew we would need a very special actress to capture the essence of Vivian's role. We received an overwhelming number of auditions, but after only a few seconds of watching her audition tape, I knew Ashley had exactly what the role of Vivian requires. " -Hannah Victoria, Director Mitosis



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