Actor Coaching/Consultations

How to Book a Time...

Coaching sessions and personalized consultations for actors and filmmakers are currently offered Monday through Thursday. To book, please visit this calendar.
60 Minutes - $75
30 Minutes - $50

Breaking into the Business

For new actors who want to learn the basics of acting for the camera, how to get auditions, audition technique, and general advice for breaking into the industry.

Show-Business or Producing 101

For intermediate actors trying to land their first agent or level up in the industry. This session breaks down understanding the unique value you bring to an Agent's roster, the business side of the industry for actors, setting yourself up for success, set etiquette, and material review.

For those wanting to learn the ropes of producing, book a Producing 101 session to gain insight into the process of taking a project from script to screen.

The Working Actor

For actors who are currently auditioning, this session focuses on skill set and what it takes to book the job. Mock audition sides are sent prior to the coaching session. Tapes are reviewed during 30 minute sessions along with an overview of script analysis. Book a 60 minute session to work to work through the material live. Alternatively, if you have an upcoming audition, this time can be utilized to prepare for it.