Ashley Bratcher

Actress · Producer · Writer · Director

Ashley Bratcher is an American actress, producer, director, and writer. With nearly a decade of on set experience serving in multiple departments, she brings a breadth of knowledge to each project. In addition to her work on screen, Ashley is dedicated to using her platform to encourage positive change. Following the success of Unplanned, Ashley joined forces with Heartbeat International to establish the Unplanned Movie Scholarship, a fund that serves mothers seeking to further their education.


Award winning actress and star of the box office hit, Unplanned. Ashley has made a name for herself in uplifting and redemptive entertainment.


CEO and a founding partner of Simple Jane Films. Currently in development:  Pharma, a feature length film based on the courageous true story of Dr. Frances Kelsey and the 1960s thalidomide tragedy. Currently filming: Sample Babies, a documentary that chronicles the events exposed the largest manmade medical disaster in history and the lives of those affected by it. Other Simple Jane originals include: Like I'm Dying and The Merrytime Matchmaker.


Ashley's feature screenplays Like I'm Dying and The Merrytime Matchmaker will go into production in late 2022.


Ashley will make her directorial debut with a feature backed by the producers of Unplanned, God's Not Dead, and Finding Normal.


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